Friday, 22 November

Kovsakan Mayor Hopeful Water Issue Will be Resolved Soon

Razmik Markaryan, the mayor of Kovsakan, a small town in the Artsakh district of Kashatagh that’s gone without water for the past three months, told Hetq that local authorities are working to resolve the issue.

Markaryan says that the water stops flowing in the late autumn because springs dry up. The water starts flowing again in early spring.

The mayor says that they are planning to tap other springs and pipe the water into Kovsakan.

When asked if residents were aware that detonations at a nearby lime pit had damaged one of the town’s water pipes, Margaryan responded that initially he too believed that to be the case, but that it was later revealed that the pipe failed due to wear and tear.

The mayor blames the drought for the longer than average lack of water this year. He’s optimistic that the issue will be resolved by the end of February.

Photo: Erik Grigorian

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