Wednesday, 13 November

Sued Again: Iranian Company Demands Armenia's Nairit Plant be Declared Bankrupt

Iranian company SandbadTir INTL Transport Co. Ltd. last November filed a lawsuit against Nairit Plant CJSC in Armenia, demanding the latter be declared bankrupt.  

A preliminary court session scheduled today in the Court of First Instance of Shengavit Administrative District of Yerevan was postponed, as the plaintiff's representative, Vrezh Khachikyan, did not appear in court. 

The Iranian company's counsel, instead, had sent a written motion to the court, asking the court date to be postponed, since he had not yet managed to gather the documents concerning the company's activities, which Nairit Plant's counsel had requested at the last court session, as the documents need to be obtained from Iran where SandbadTir INTL Transport Co. Ltd is registered. Khachikyan requested more time and asked the court date to be postponed for one month. 

Nairit Plant's representative, Nelli Tovmasyan, however, is convinced that the plaintiff cannot obtain those documents as, in her and her client's opinion, the Iranian company doesn't even exist. However, Tovmasyan didn't object the motion.  

The court granted the request and assigned the next court date for March 10 at 11 am. 

Hetq attempted to obtain more details regarding the case from Tovmasyan; however, she avoided getting into details, saying that the liability for which her client is being sued is disputable. "We doubt it because they have not yet presented any documents," she said. 

Regardless, Nairit Plant's counsel didn't deny that her client had a liability toward  SandbadTir INTL Transport Co. Ltd. She said it was from long ago, 2006–2007, and her client worked with the Iranian company till 2008–2009 in the area of buying and selling. 

"I'm sorry, [but] I am not authorized to answer your questions at this time" was her reply to other questions posed by Hetq. 

By sheer coincidence, another company, Esmaeil Motavalli Soufiani Trading, the predecessor of Numard Training CJSC, which has also sued Nairit Plant, is registered at the same address in Iran as SandbadTir INTL Transport Co.LTD — on Azat Street in Tabriz. Recall, Numard Training CJSC had gone to court to exact about 5 billion AMD (about $12,345,700 USD) from the Armenian rubber factory. 

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