Friday, 06 December

MP Zohrabyan: Gazprom Deal Is the Act of a Vassal

Prosperous Armenia MP Naira Zohrabyan lambasted the government’s decision to sell its remaining 20% share in HayRusGazArd to Russia’s Gazprom as the policy of a ‘vassal'.

“This entire natural gas negotiation process has been accompanied by lies, deceit and shady business deals,” declared Zohrabyan at today’s special parliamentary session, pointing to the contradictory statements made by Armenian officials.

“I would like to understand, is the Republic of Armenia a state or a syndicate of crime bosses that enters into verbal negotiations with Gazprom or Russia, resulting in a $300 million debt* to be paid its citizens,” Zohrabyan stated.

* Refers to the recent revelation that Armenia owes Russia US $300 million for natural gas 

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1. mahmouzian00:21 - 21 December, 2013
Naira .only a person like you can govern armenia .thank you for all you do ..mihran
2. hayk04:45 - 21 December, 2013
Apres Naira du amenayn jshtutyamb artahaytum es millionavor hay mardkanc mtqern uixcer@. du arjani es shat aveliin qan patgamavorn e.
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