Thursday, 12 December

MP Criticizes Government for Non-Transparency on Russian Gas Treaty

At today’s special session, Armenia’s National Assembly is debating the ratification of a number of international treaties including a controversial treaty signed on December 2 in Yerevan between the governments of Armenia and Russia on future natural gas imports and the sale of remaining Armenian government shares in HayRusGazArd to Russia.

Prosperous Armenia MP Vahe Enfiajyan addressed the session, saying that the issues involved raised a number of problems for society at large, and that they were mostly a result of the Armenian government’s non-transparent manner of working. Enfiajyan noted the contradictions between the statements of Armenian authorities and the Aleksey Miller, President of Gazprom, regarding a decrease in the price of natural gas to Armenian consumers.

The MP then asked Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan to specify what price citizens would actually wind up paying for natural gas, both in Armenia and Artsakh.

“Until the declaration of Aleksey Miller, the price of gas at the border was $270. After the signing of this treaty, the price dropped to $189. In Armenia, the rates were based on the $189 border price. Thus, the rates established now will not be changed, neither at the border nor in Artsakh,” answered Movsisyan.

The MP also noted that his colleagues aren’t that well informed and, in reality, the average citizen will not experience any change.

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