Friday, 13 December

Armenia Seeks Assistance of Cyprus, Interpol, in Offshore Scandal

Armenia’s General Prosecutor’s Office has informed Hetq that it made an official petition for the assistance of Cypriot law enforcement and Interpol in the offshore financial scandal implicating Armenia’s Prime Minister and the Locum Tenens of the Ararat Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

The names of Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Archbishop Navasard Kjoyan appear on a registry document of a company registered in Cyprus to which large amounts of cash from bank loans were funneled.

Both men have denied any link to the company.

The Prosecutor General’s Office says that the preliminary examination is ongoing but that it has received no report from Cyprus.

The signatures of the two are also undergoing forensic examination in Armenia. No information as to the validity of the signatures has yet been revealed.

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