Sunday, 08 December

Parliament Speaker: 'We all have a duty to clean-up government expenditure abuses'

At a news brief today, National Assembly Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan told reporters that there indeed were government expenditure abuses that needed to be addressed.

Abrahamyan made the remark while the parliament debates whether to reappoint Ishkhan Zakaryan as head of Armenia’s Control Chamber.

Noting that all government officials have a responsibility to see that the Control Chamber works effectively, Abrahamyan added that some are trying to derail the work of the oversight agency.

Several months ago, Zakaryan was chided by President Sargsyan for exaggerating the scope of expenditure abuses and government waste.

Many in the opposition believe that Sargsyan’s backing of Zakaryan for re-nomination underscores that the two have entered a tacit agreement – the Control Chamber will shy away from publicizing such government abuse and, in return, Zakaryan will not be investigated for his extravagant life style. 

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