Thursday, 21 November

Nairit Plant Workers Stage Demo at Government Building, Demand Back Wages

Some eighty irate Nairit Rubber Plant workers are staging a demonstration outside the Government Building in Yerevan and are demanding that they be paid almost one year in back wages.

At around 11:05 this morning representatives from the labor union entered the reception area of the building to hand in a list of demands.

Thirty minutes later, the representatives came out and labor union President Hrach Tadevosyan told the demonstrators that they had met with the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural resources.

Tadevosyan said the government had promised to pay the workers one month in wages by the end of the week and an additional one month by the end of May.

The union chief also stated that the government is negotiating the sale of the plant with a company called Rosneft.

The demonstrators, not satisfied with the government’s offer, said they would march on the presidential palace on Baghramyan Avenue.

One group of workers did start to march towards the place. The others are still at Republic Square, consulting with Tadevosyan who tried to dissuade them from the march.

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