Tuesday, 19 November

HAK Rep - Crisis in Armenia Isn't Over

During a press conference today, Vladimir Karapetyan, a member of HAK's Foreign Relations Committee, said that the political crisis in Armenia isn't over.

Karapetyan pointed to four PACE resolutions referring to the internal crisis in the country and argued that snap presidential and parliamentary elections is the only way out of the situation.

When asked by reporters what steps HAK was planning to take along these lines, Karapetyan said that all would be revealed at the upcoming public rally that the opposition coalition is organizing.

Pointing out the hypocrisy of the current government, Karapetyan said: "The same day that Serzh Sargsyan was speaking about tolerance, police reforms and creating a new atmosphere in the PACE halls, police in Yerevan were preventing HAK representatives from publicly promoting our rally."

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1. Russian Daddy12:28 - 6 July, 2011
Thise people are very dangerous. Armenia should clear himself from dangerous virus. Stability and Contunity with Russia is vital.
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