Wednesday, 13 November

Georgian Specialist Alvrtsyan: Armenian Government Failing in its Javakhk Obligations

At a Yerevan press conference today, Georgian specialist Haykazoun Alvrtsyan took the Armenian government to task for not doing enough to assist the Armenians of Javakhk, both culturally and politically.

“I don’t see the Armenian authorities carrying out their obligations in this respect at all,” noted Alvrtsyan.

He said that while the Armenian president and prime minister have spoken out about the issues faced by Javakhk Armenians, their pronouncements have remained mere words.

Alvrtsyan argued that such passivity only encourages Georgian authorities to implement their anti-Armenian policies that seek to ethnically cleanse the region of Armenians.

He called for greater Armenian investment and civic action in Javakhk in order to improve the socio-economic situation and to lend morel support to local Armenians.

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