Thursday, 14 November

Chakhalyan's Lawyer: "We expect he will be freed under new amnesty bill"

United Javakhk leader Vahagn Chakhalyan is expected to be freed under an amnesty bill passed by the Georgian Parliament on December 21.

Chakhalyan’s lawyer Nino Adriashvili told Hetq that the activist, imprisoned since 2008, will be freed as soon as bill is signed into law by President Saakashvili.

Chakhalyan had been found guilty of illegal firearm and weapons possession and was sentence to ten years.

190 prisoners recognized as victims of political persecution by the Georgian Parliament will be freed under the new law. Chakhalyan wasn’t granted this status when several MPs opposed his inclusion. However, they promised to review the matter after the holidays.

Adriashvili said that the charges filed against Chakhalyan were classified as “non-serious” offences and as such, the prisoner is eligible for amnesty.

Chakhalyan’s case has since made its way to the European Court of Human Rights. 

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