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Family Evicted: Living on the Street for Seven Days & Nights

Ten year-old Narek, 23 year-old Nayira and Kristineh, 24, now live “rough” on a Yerevan street.

Their new “home” lies just outside the one room they were kicked out of just a week ago at 3 Hrachya Nersisyan Street.

Their mom, Roza Aslanyan, is even registered at the address. The money she earns cleaning homes here and there is just enough to put some food on the table.

The former boarding school they used to live in was allocated to the Yerevan #10 Vocational Institute. The court bailiffs arrived and evicted two families that were living in the building on October 31.

A lone holdout, Hrachya Eloyan, still hasn’t vacated his room on the first floor. Mr. Eloyan taught painting at the boarding school for 35 years. He’s been given one week to find other lodging before being thrown out.

Some of the evicted families have moved in with friends and relatives

The Ashougharibyan family say they have nowhere to go after living in the boarding school for 18 years.

Artzroun Barseghyan, the principal of the vocational school, says the court ordered the eviction notice and that the bailiffs had presented three notices informing residents that they had 25 to vacate the premises. Four of the six families living there had left by the October 31 deadline.

Barseghyan says that the Ashougharibyans refused to have the goods stored in the building’s cellar. “What can we do, it’s a court order. If we are truly a legal nation then we must respect the laws of the land,” he says, adding that those evicted should find a place to rent.

Barseghyan says he gave Eloyan another week to leave because he has a property case in the courts. “He requested more time until the case was settled. The space was given to Eloyan to store his paintings. He abused the right, moved in, and started to live there.”

Living on the street is no joke but the family has pulled together. Nareg and his sister share the only mattress, while the other sister sleeps on two armchairs pulled together.  Their mother Roza says she greets the sunrise sitting up and really doesn’t sleep at all, keeping an eye on her kids and the family belongings. On cold nights, she fills bottles full of hot water to wrap in their blankets.

The family has been waiting for a government official to come by and offer them shelter, even on a temporary basis.

They’ve been waiting for seven days.

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1. Kevin06:16 - 13 November, 2012
Where are the "real Armenians" like "Mher", "Harut", "Sako", "athanat", etc that surely will come to this family's rescue and put their money where their mouths are and help. Remember, this family is not a sdits hye diaspora arabized armenians - they are the real thing.
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