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Garni Mini Hydro-Plant Built by Ministry Agency Head

Mini hydro-electric power stations have become something of a booming business sector inArmenia.

Recently, top government officials have started to get into the act as well.

In thevillage of Garni, inArmenia’s central Kotayk Region, there are three operating hydro-plants.

The newest was launched in 2004 and has a license to operate till 2019.

Called the Garni Plant, it was put into operation by NarEnergo Ltd.

One of the founders of the company is Volodya Narimanyan, Chief of the Water Resources Agency at the Ministry of the Environment. Yurik Narimanyan, a relative, is another founder.

When we asked Volodya Narimanyan if he owns the Garni Plant, he said he didn’t.

We then asked if he knew who the plant belongs to. He said he didn’t know.

This reporter had to remind him that the plant is owned and operated by NarEnergo. Narimanyan confessed that he founded the company but has no links to it today.

I then asked if he receives any revenues from the plant.

“I still haven’t, or maybe I have. What’s difference does it make,” replied Volodya Narimanyan.

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