Thursday, 18 July

Man Charged in Buffalo Meat Scam Undergoes Heart Operation

Hetq has learnt that Albert Ohanjanyan, the Director of the Kapan Meat Combine, implicated in a frozen buffalo meat scam, was charged with swindling large amounts of cash and tax evasion of September 1.

Hetq broke the story several weeks ago when we revealed that meat supplied to various Armenian army units also included amounts of frozen buffalo. The army believed it was getting fresh beef.

Mary Sargsyan, from the Investigative Service of the RA Ministry of Defense, told Hetq that prosecutors were also examining evidence to file criminal charges against a number of state officials involved in the meat scandal.

Ohanjanyan’s defense attorney Lousineh Sahakyan told Hetq that her client claims he is innocent of the charges, but refrained from saying anything more.

 Hetq has also learnt that Ohanjanyan is now at a prison hospital where he has undergone an operation to clear his clogged heart arteries. 

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