Friday, 15 November

Son Beats Father to Death with Rifle Butt

According to police, the village of Kakhakn, in Gegharkounik, was rocked by the terrible crime of patricide yesterday.

Cops state that Rouben Tsankanyan beat his father Mikhayel with a hunting rifle repeatedly on the head and killed him.

As for motive, local residents told Hetq that Mikhayel was found of his drink and often returned home inebriated. They claim that’s what happened yesterday.

The add that Mikhayel started to quarrel with his wife and that Rouben tried to protect his mother.

Neighbors told Hetq that violence runs in the family, saying that Mikhayel’s eldest son murdered his wife two years ago and is now serving time behind bars.

Mikhayel has been charged with "murder of a particularly violent nature".

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