Thursday, 14 November

Mini Hydro Plants Belonging to Bishop and MP are Inspected and Fined

Readers won’t be surprised to learn that in the past two years the RA Environmental Inspectorate has only managed to inspect two of the small scale hydro-plants that are popping up like mushrooms in Armenia.

What’s even more mind blowing is that the two plants the Inspectorate “inspected” were fined for various violations.

The Elegis hydro-plant, owned by Vayots Dzor Primate Bishop AbrahamMkrtchyan was fined 50,000 AMD for not having a water permit license.

The plant operated by Bazenk CJSC, owned by MP Hakob Hakobyan, who also presides over the Standing Committee for Social Issues, was fined 150,000 AMD for the same violation.

You can read more about Bishop Mkrtchyan’s foray into the hydro-plant sector here.

I should inform readers that Hetq was only able to obtain this information from the Ministry of Nature Protection after submitting two written requests.

The Ministry replied to our first request by referring us to a website that had no information about operating mini hydro-plants in Armenia.

Some argue that such plants provide renewable energy to Armenia and in fact financing has been provided by the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) based on similar environmental justifications.

It would appear that such plants, operating as they do without necessary water permits and and in an unsupervised manner, do more harm to the environment of Armenia than good.

Hetq has published photos showing dried out river beds and waterfalls with no flowing water where such plants have been constructed to make a fast buck.

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Comments (5)
1. harry04:18 - 10 August, 2012
In Armenia people are suffering materially as well as spiritually. Yet Bishops are so busy running mini and maxi business, hydro-electric power stations, others are running pig farms, orchards, restaurants and super bishop driving Bentley, what a spiritual devotion.
2. Jarart03:47 - 12 August, 2012
It's just a matter of time before these hypocrites get what's coming to them. Journalists are starting to ask questions, and the church is looking more and more like a business every day. The priests are too busy with their business pursuits to help the people spiritually, that's why other religions are growing in Armenia. The Armenian priests think that people will come to them, where in reality, the people need spiritual help to come to them. What a bunch of money loving thieves!
3. ash krikorian00:18 - 13 August, 2012
The church and govt are all corrupt. We have no leadership in Hayastan or the Diaspora... How can these "men of god" own such business? they should all be hanged
4. Xunsap'ha02:02 - 13 August, 2012
Doesn't it tell you something about all these so-called "der hayrs" and "hayr sourps" and "vartabeds"? Didn't Christ say that "they will claim that Jesus is the Christ, and yet deceive many"? Only corrupt and evil people will pretend to be "men of god", refer to themselves "his holiness", in order to advance their own agendas. People need to realize that such creatures, pretending to be servants of God, have NO spirituality, cannot and will not help, except care for their own selves and pockets. God, Jesus, Christian faith etc are all convenient words, tools of their business. Down through the ages they have successfully peddled their trade. And they will continue to do so, as long as the "sheeple" (simple-minded) acknowledge them. One thing is for sure: they have nothing to do with the true God of Heaven.
5. gregor13:49 - 9 November, 2012
50,000 AMD is a fine of maybe 130 US Dollars. 150,000 AMD equals a fine of about 400 US Dollar...
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