Wednesday, 13 November

Khachatryan Withdraws 2 Million AMD Compensation Demand Against Hraparak

During court today, Davit Toumasyan, attorney for the plaintiff Margarita Khachatryan, said that his client was withdrawing her compensation demand of 2 million AMD in her slander suit against the Hraparak newspaper.

Khachatryan, Council Coordinator for the Zinvor civic organization, had sued the newspaper for an April 2011 article alleging that she got into a shoving match with officers at an Artsakh military base she had visited.

Khachatryan’s attorney stated today that his client is now only demanding a public apology, adding that the withdrawal of the compensation demand is based on the financial difficulties faced by the paper.

“We don’t want to give the impression that Khachatryan is suing the newspaper just for the money,” Toumasyan said.

The attorney said that the defendant has failed to produce any factual evidence that a disturbance took place at the military base, adding that, on the contrary, the prosecution has received and official notice from the base stating that no such incident occurred on the day in question.

Davit Danielyan, attorney for Hraparak, stated in court that the reporter had included Khachatryan’s denial of any such incident in the article and that there wasn’t any need to republish a retraction of the information.

The court will issue its verdict on July 30.

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