Saturday, 16 November

MP Shirak Torosyan: "Decision by Georgia to ban me from entering the country is ludicrous"

Shirak Torosyan is an Armenian MP form the ruling Republican Party and President of the Javakhk Patriotic Union.

Torosyan, who was born in Georgia, still cannot enter Georgia and calls this decision by Tbilisi authorities as incorrect and absurd.

“Georgian authorities and some of their Javakhk servants have made me out to be some kind of threat. The local Javakhk representatives say they are fighting against me to look like heroes in the eyes of the Georgian authorities, while the Georgian authorities want to appear as heroes to the Georgian people. It’s a ridiculous situation,” Torosyan said at a press conference today.

MP Torosyan argued that the reason he isn’t allowed into Georgia is because he raises issues of concern in Javakhk that many do not want to hear or acknowledge.

“What they have truly done is to deprive me of seeing my native home that I long to return to. But I still work with those numerous Javakhk Armenians who come to our office with their problems. I still have a direct link to Javakhk,” Torosyan said, adding that the internet and the telephone allow him to keep in touch.

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