Wednesday, 13 November

Hillary Clinton in Yerevan - "I believe in Armenia's future"

During her one day stop in Armenia today, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that, “The United States and I believe that Armenia can have a bright future where all the desires and work of the people can be achieved.”

See the video and hear what else she had to say at the official press conference in Yerevan.

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1. Sasoon20:57 - 4 June, 2012
Դուք ասացիք, մենք էլ հավատացինք... Աստված հեռու տանի ձեզանից...
2. Garo01:53 - 5 June, 2012
What about recognizing the Armenian Genocide first, What about stopping support to Azerbaijan and Turkey second, what about helping Armenia like you help Israel to have our "bright future" Mrs LIAR!
3. moso03:59 - 29 June, 2012
first fi xyour own political problems in armenia then blame usa for anything cant help onethat doesnt want to be helped. you have a president like sargsyan who sits and watches soccer with the enemy then you turn around and blame usa.
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