Tuesday, 19 November

Armenia Gets More Favorable Press in Turkey

According to a two year study of the press in Turkey and Armenia, it appears that there is more favourable coverage of Armenia in the Turkish media than vice-versa.

The results were presented today at a roundtable discussion at the Yerevan Press Club by Turkish and Armenian specialists in the field.

The press review covers the period from 2008 and mainly focuses on the theme of "football diplomacy" launched between Yerevan and Ankara.

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1. Armen08:33 - 18 May, 2011
What is the point of writing anything positive about a country that officially denies the Genocide of millions of Armenians, our ancestors, teaches its students to lie, cheat, twist history that Armenians never lived there, continually destroy every trace of Armenian history from Asia Minor, support Azerbaijan in war and in choking Armenia economically and in other manners, fight the Armenian Diaspora, etc, etc. Turkey is still the same genocidal, pan-turanic, aggressive, anti-Armenian xenophobic fascist country. What do you expect Armenians to do? One more advice to the author.. GROW UP!
2. Grish Begian19:53 - 18 May, 2011
Turkey's Islamofacism mentality will never change within normal population of turkey!! They have been thought to young pupils to hate Christians, especially Armenians from very young age ...what we see in Turkish newspapers is a Turkish political game supported by AKP party, in order to get into EU club. They are just fooling Europeans!!
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