Thursday, 14 November

School Safety Boycott: Vardenis Parents Keep Children at Home

Parents in the Aragatzotn village of Vardenis kept their children home from school today.

They no longer want them to attend class in a school that’s been classified as a 4th level structurally unsafe.

The school was damaged by the 1988 Spitak earthquake. Last year the government decided to finance the construction of a new school but, for unknown reason, the work was halted.

School Principal Avetik Avetisyan told Hetq that village parents had sent a letter to RA President Sargsyan, informing him that work on the new building had been suddenly stopped.

Out of a village population of some 1,000, only 54 residents signed the letter asking for Sargsyan’s prompt assistance. The letter would up at the Ministry of Urban Development.

Yesterday, the residents received a reply from the ministry stating that the project could possibly be included in the 2013-2015 school construction program.

Vardenis Mayor Kamo Petrosyan told Hetq that parents are adamant about not sending their children to an unsafe school.

They want government specialists to come and take a look and provide a speedy resolution to the matter.

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